734064, Республика Таджикистан, город Душанбе, улица Шамси, 23,
здание торгового центра "Саодат", секция № 193
тел.: +992/37/237-71-35, +992/44/625-53-26, e-mail: info@azianatravel.com

23 Shamsi Street, 734064-Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 'Saodat' Traiding center building, ground floor, office # 193
ph: +992/37/237-71-35, +992/44/625-53-26, e-mail: info@azianatravel.com


Any person travelling to Tajikistan is required to posses passport or equivalent document and valid entrance visa (except for the citizens of some former USSR countries), issued by the competent authorities Republic of Tajikistan represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its offices abroad (embassies and councils). Passport should be valid for at least 6 months after date of departure and with at least two free blank pages

A letter of invitation (or Confirmation of invitation) is necessary for visits to Tajikistan for most of the visa’s type. You must obtain this before you apply for your visa.

For obtaining Tourist visa (Т)

It is needed to submit the Letter of relevant licensed tourist company of the country origin with indication of the purpose of entry, itinerary and term of stay in the Republic of Tajikistan. In the case of Individual tourist visa application - It is needed to submit the Letter of request signed by applicant, addressed to Consular Section with description of tourist itinerary, copies of proof travel documents and contact person's information etc. It can be issued up to 45 days.

Tajikistan issues visas upon arrival at the Dushanbe airport, or second option for obtaining your visa - at a Tajik Embassy (Council). Tajik visas cannot be obtained at land borders, so if you are arriving overland you must obtain your visa in advance from an embassy.

When you arrive at the Dushanbe International Airport, go to the consular bureau before you clear passport control. You will need to present your valid passport, filled-in visa application form, appropriate visa fee. Fees for visas vary according to the visa type. You should also carry two passport-size color photographs. Depending on what flight you arrive on, you may have to queue to get your visa.

There are some possible options obtaining your visa at a Tajik Embassy (Council):

  • Apply in person visiting the Tajik embassy in your country or in a country near you;
  • Apply to a Tajik embassy by post;
  • Apply in the Tajik embassy in Almaty (Kazakhstan), Ashgabad (Turkmenistan), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) or Tashkent (Uzbekistan) if you are in Central Asia before you cross the Tajik border.

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain visa:

  • Fully completed visa application form. Please, note that the answers to question # 14 on the visa application will be reflected in the issued visa;
  • One passport size photo;
  • Valid passport. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure;
  • Copy of the passport (main page);
  • Copy of invitation (Confirmation of invitation) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan or Ministry of Interior or Tajik travel agent (for the “Tourist” type of visa). This permission is issued on the basis of a local company’s or individual invitation or a visa request;
  • Cover letter of request from your organization or travel agency. Embassy reserves the right to request for additional documents;
  • A money order or company check payable to the Embassy for visa processing;
  • In case of applying by mail, applicants should enclose a completely-addressed stamped return envelope or prepaid waybill, bearing the account number and showing themselves as both shipper and recipient regardless of delivery address;
  • The foreign citizens who are going to stay in Tajikistan for more than three months except for the visa categories; “diplomatic”, “official”, “investment” and “humanitarian” require a certificate from the medical institutions to prove that they are not infected with HIV/AIDS.

Please check with the embassies what their normal procedure is for postal applications.

Issued visas are non-refundable.

All applicants are required to pay the visa fee, except the holders of diplomatic and UN passports, members of official governmental delegations, MFA's staff traveling for official purposes or in case of special permission issued by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan as well as persons accompanying aid and humanitarian cargo to Tajikistan.

The payment for the visa is non-refundable, regardless of the Consulate decision to issue or deny the application.

Passport holders of below listed countries have right to get Tajik visa on the simplified procedure basis.

It can be obtained more quickly than before (with presence of all necessary documents in the course of 3-5 business days).

In some embassies in case of processing express visa from 24 to 48 hours, applicant must pay double price irrespective of the category of visa.

Issuance of Tajik Visa at the Dushanbe International Airport

General requirements for visa obtaining at the Dushanbe airport are the same as it mentioned before.

At the Dushanbe airport all visa categories are issued up to 45 days.

It is not possible to obtain a Tajik visa at a land border crossing.

List of the countries the citizens of which have a right to get visas in the simplified order.

  1. Commonwealth of Australia

  2. Republic of Austria

  3. People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

  4. Arab Republic of Egypt

  5. Argentina Republic

  6. Republic of Bulgaria

  7. Grand Duchy of Luxemburg

  8. Republic of Hungary

  9. Socialist Republic of Vietnam

  10. Brunei-Darussalam

  11. State of Israel

  12. Hellenic Republic

  13. People’s Republic of China

  14. Ireland

  15. Islamic Republic of Iran

  16. Republic of Iceland

  17. Italian Republic

  18. Canada

  19. State of Qatar

  20. Republic of Cyprus

  21. Republic of Estonia

  22. State of Japan

  23. Kingdom of Bahrain

  24. Kingdom of Belgium

  25. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  26. Kingdom of Denmark

  27. Kingdom of Spain

  28. Kingdom of Morocco

  29. Kingdom of the Netherlands

  30. Kingdom of the Norway

  31. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  32. Kingdom of Sweden

  33. State of Kuwait

  34. Republic of Latvia

  35. Socialist People's Libyan Arab Great

  36. Republic of Lithuania

  37. Republic of Lebanon

  38. Malaysia

  39. Republic of Malta

  40. United Mexican States

  41. New Zealand

  42. United Arab Emirates

  43. Sultanate of Oman

  44. Republic of Poland

  45. Portuguese Republic

  46. Republic of Korea (South Korea)

  47. Republic of Indonesia

  48. Republic of Croatia

  49. Romania

  50. Republic of Singapore

  51. Syrian Arab Republic

  52. Slovak Republic

  53. Republic of Slovenia

  54. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  55. United States of America

  56. Kingdom of Thailand

  57. Republic of Turkey

  58. Tunisian Republic

  59. Federal Republic of Brazil

  60. Federal Republic of Germany

  61. Republic of the Philippines

  62. Republic of Finland

  63. France Republic

  64. Czech Republic

  65. Swiss Confederation

  66. Republic of South Africa

  67. Islamic Republic of Pakistan (for diplomatic and service visas)

  68. Republic of India (for diplomatic and service visas)

  69. Republic of Yemen

  70. Turkmenistan

  71. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

  72. Republic of Uzbekistan (for diplomatic, service, investor, free economic zone, driver and sport and cultural visas)

  73. Principality of Andorra

  74. State of the Vatican City

  75. Principality of Liechtenstein

  76. Principality of Monaco

  77. Republic of Cuba

  78. Republic of Chile

  79. Mongolia

  80. Republic of Senegal

- Persons without citizenship, former citizens of Republic of Tajikistan.

If visitors plan a longer stay after arriving in the country than indicated in his (her) visa they may apply for the longer visa at the Procedure of visa's extension and visa restoration

Once you arrive in Tajikistan visa extensions can only be applied for at (and made by) Consular Department of the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

34, Pushkin St., Dushanbe
ph: +992/37/221-15-60, 221-04-70
fax: +992/37/221-02-59
WEB: www.mfa.tj

Foreign citizen must apply for extension of visa 20 working days before the expiration visa's term validity. In case of expiration visa's term validity on the applicant's blame, he is involved to administrative liability in accordance with legal-normative acts of Tajikistan

The extension of visa's term validity is allowed with holding of the same category visa

The extension of visa's term validity is considered for 10 working days from the date of document's submission

In case of technical damage of foreign citizen's visa, which is impossible for further use or loss, visa must be restored after check and fact acknowledgement of its issuance

The restoration of visa is realized  by Consular Department  of MFA  of Tajikistan or by consular sections of Embassies of Tajikistan in abroad on the base of written letter of foreign citizen or letter from organization under which invitation, foreign citizen is arrived or is intended to arrive to Tajikistan

In a case if foreign citizen having valid visa obtains new national passport, but previous passport is cancelled, the visa can be restored in a new passport on the base of written letter of that foreign citizen

For any additional information about the visa procedure please contact embassies



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Consular in Kunduz
19/15 Navoboti Khojamashkhad;
tel: + 93/79/826-58-72,
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Consular in Mazari Sharif
Kortai Orieno;
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Consular in Fayzabad
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