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The Fan Mountains attract travelers no by their charming beauty, but by the diversity natural environment, and the unusual richness flora and fauna provide a spectacle of nature that will be admired and long remembered by the visitors to this region.

The Fan Mountains are comprised of hundreds of wonderful peaks, situated in the Gissar and Turkestan Range in the south-west of Pamir-Alay. More than ten peaks, exceed 5 000 meters and several Bodkhona (5 138 m), Energy (5 105 m), Zamok (5 070 m) and Chapdara (5 050 m), have rock wall with altitude to 1800 m. The highest in the region is Chimtarga Peak (5 487 m). The base camp can be located on the shores of beautiful blue lakes – Alautdin, Kulikalon or the legendary Iskanderkul Lake.

Iskanderkul is the largest lake in the Pamir-Alay and the most beautiful in Tajikistan, shining like an emerald framed by brilliant snow mountain peaks. The stormy river Iskanderkul flows out of the lake. The river makes an unusually beautiful and spectacular waterfall, called ‘Fan Niagara’, falling from a height of 38 meters. The charm of the mountainous landscape is unique and mentioned in the numerous legends and tales from the time of Alexander the Great.

The Land of Lakes.

From the base camp at Alautdin Lakes begin the most spectacular trekking routes to virgin national parks. All the routes are planned so that every bivouac site will be or different lake. Through the Alautdin Pass you can reach beautiful Kulikalon Lakes, above which rises Kulikalon Rock with its three peaks, Mirali (5 120 m), Maria (4 970 m) and Adamtash (4 700 m). At the alpine camp ‘Artuch’, just below the lakes you сan purchase refreshments and relax at the picnic site. Through Chimtarga Pass are the south rock walls of Chimtarga, Energy (5 105 m) and Zindon (4 800 m) more difficult routes are arranged Zindon Peak. The canyon ends at Bolshoe and Maloe Lakes. From the Alautdin Lakes you can take a 10 day hiking to the picturesque Marguzor Lakes. Trekking to these lakes concludes at the ancient Asian city Penjikent.

The rest in the Fan Mountains is wonderful. The various landscape of virgin nature, the charming beauty of snow-capped mountains, and the wonderful blue colors rivers and lakes - these are unforgettable lifetime impressions.

The Fan Mountains are the center of mountainous in Tajikistan and whole Central Asia.

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