734064, Республика Таджикистан, город Душанбе, улица Шамси, 23,
здание торгового центра "Саодат", секция № 193
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23 Shamsi Street, 734064-Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 'Saodat' Traiding center building, ground floor, office # 193
ph: +992/37/237-71-35, +992/44/625-53-26, e-mail: info@azianatravel.com


Temporary arrived foreign citizens live in the territory of Tajikistan in accordance with their valid international passports.

Upon arrival international passports must be submitted for registration to relevant authorities (authorities of internal affaires – Migration Office (former OVIR)) during 3 days (72 hrs), excluding weekends and public holidays. Registration is realized on the base of written letter of host organizations (inviting side), foreign permanent representatives in Tajikistan or letters of private persons. Registration of foreign citizens arrived to Tajikistan with private cases (private visas) is realized on the base of their actual visa.

If you do not get registered on time, you can expect serious problems when leaving, ranging from paying a fee (minimum 700 USD) to missing your flight while officials interrogate you.

All visitors who arrived to Tajikistan with TOURIST visa (type of the visa will be indicate in your visa by letter ‘T’ or by word ‘Саёхи’) is free from registration if his (her) stay does not exceed 30 days after arrival. If you are planning to be in Tajikistan with TOURIST type of visa more than 30 days, it will be necessary to be registered in Migration Office.

Registration is not necessary if you are transiting in Tajikistan for less than 72 hours.

Registration is carried out based on written request of receiving organizations, foreign permanent representative offices in Tajikistan and individual applications.

To get registered, take the following items to the local Migration Office:

  • Your valid passport;
  • A passport-size photo;
  • The address of where you are staying (must be the address of a local person);
  • The registration fee;

Offices for Registration based on:

Central Office
5, M.Tursunzade St., Dushanbe

Dushanbe Branch
36/3, N.Karabaev Ave., Dushanbe 

Khojent Branch
120, Firdousi St., Khojent 

Khorog Branch
Khorog Town  

Khatlon Branch
Kurgan-Tyube City 

Murgab Branch
Murgab Settlement 

Penjikent Branch
Penjikent City

In the hotel can be registered:

  • Foreign citizens, the holders of international passports or equivalent documents, who arrived to Tajikistan for business, trade, or common issue, treatment, rest, as tourists, and in exceptional cases for private business and lived in the hotels. If foreign citizens arrived directly to the hospital, sanatorium, resort place, mountains the registration must be done in the authorities of Migration Office;
  • Registration is carried our based on individual requests of these citizens or written request of receiving organizations, foreign permanent representative offices in the republic. Foreign passports are registered for a term indicated in requests, tours and applications and those with visas – for a term of visa validity;
  • Registration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in any Migration Office is valid for the whole country;

The following do not required the registration:

  • Chiefs of state and government of foreign states, members of parliament and Governmental delegations, arrived to Tajikistan by the invitation of the President, Majlisi Oli (Parliament) or Government of Tajikistan, technical stuff of these delegations, family members of aforementioned people;
  • People who arrived to Tajikistan with UN passports;
  • Foreign citizens below age of 16;
  • Foreign citizens arrived to Tajikistan on holidays and weekends or on a period of 3 working days leaving the republic within these days;
  • Foreign tourists in cruise;
  • Crew members of foreign military planes arrived to Tajikistan as per order of the President Republic of Tajikistan. The transportation of crew members within the territory of the republic is allowed according with the schedule on military air crafts arrival with the permission of chief military reservation;
  • Crew members of civil airplanes of international airlines during their stay in the airport according with the flight schedule;
  • Crew members of international auto transportation means, who organize cargo and passengers transportation through the cities and living on the routs of transportation, including place of destination.

World time

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Exchange rate

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1 GBR 11.8504 TJS
1 CHF 9.8384 TJS
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1 AED 2.6360 TJS
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