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Tajikistan - treasury of nature’s jewels

Tajikistan is a mountainous country with mountains ranging from 300 to 7 495 meters above the sea level. 93% of the country’s territory is covered by mountains of the Tien-Shan, Gissar-Alai and the Pamirs mountain ranges. These ranges are separated by the rich and fertile lands of Ferghana, Zeravshan, Vakhsh and Gissar Valleys. About half of the country’s territory is located at over 3 000 meters above the sea level. Such complexity of the relief and wide range of mountain heights causes peculiar diversity of flora and fauna.

Tajikistan is a land of highest peaks, powerful glaciers, rushing rivers, lakes unmatched in their beauty, unique plants and rare animals. It is the mountainous multistory landscape that defines peculiarity and uniqueness of nature in Tajikistan, wealth of its life forms existing due to variety of climate zones.

In this country you can fly from exhausting heat of Vakhsh Valley to arctic snows of the Pamirs in one hour.

State preserves, conservations and Tajik National Park preserved untouched unique ecology, landscapes and natural sights. Tajikistan also preserved such near-extinct animal and plant spices listed in the Red Book as markhor, Marco Polo sheep, Tajik mouflon (urial, red sheep), snow leopard, Tien-Shan brown bear, striped hyena.

Tajikistan has 84 animal species, over 365 bird species, 49 reptile species, around 52 fish species, and over 1000 insect species. Tajikistan’s flora has over 5 000 plant species.

Preserves in Tajikistan are a perfect destination for ornithological, etymological, and floristic tours. They have many a paleontological monument. Geology tours give an overview of mineral wealth of the country and its multicolored rock diversity: agate, jasper, mountain crystal, onyx.

Tajik National park is taking steps to develop ecotourism infrastructure and improve ecology in high mountainous regions of the Pamirs.

One of the unique natural regions in the upper reaches of the Amu Darya River is called Tigrovaya Balka (Tiger Park). Even though tigers were not preserved here this place boasts of Bukhara Red deer (khangul), desert antelope - Persian gazelle, leopard, jungle cat, hyena, desert partridge, short-toed eagle, wild boar, badger and porcupine.

Tajikistan has plenty of fresh water formed in high mountain rivers, lakes and glaciers of the country.

The majestic Pamirs are located in Tajikistan – one of the most famous mountain ranges on the planet which is often referred to as the Roof of the World and has absolute altitudes from 2 800 to 7 400 meters above the sea level.

Many scientists and explorers of the Pamirs have named it a land of unseen contrasts and complicated historical, geographic and ethnographic mysteries in Asia.

Unique relief of this region is favorable for hiking and trekking of various difficulty, specific types of sport such as rock climbing, alpinism, mountain skies, mountain tourism with photo tourism, rafting, paragliding, snowboard and other extreme types of sport.

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